Toronto and the “6ix”

Written by: Michael Istiphan

Toronto is one of the world’s most iconic cities because of the history behind it and its main tourist attraction; the CN Tower. As a kid growing up in Mississauga, I always got excited for taking a trip downtown because of the various things it had to offer. The city of Toronto was founded over 150 years ago, and its main attraction for people across the world is the CN Tower, which stands at around 550 metres high. People can go to the top and enjoy the city from above, along with having dinner overlooking the beautiful architecture, busy streets, and gorgeous Lake Ontario.

I personally had the opportunity to participate in the CN Tower EdgeWalk. My friend and I were both strapped by a secure rope while leaning off the edge of the tower, enjoying the breathtaking views of Toronto and capturing moments that will be kept for life. If you aren’t afraid of heights and never shy away from the extreme, I would highly recommend throwing on an orange jumpsuit and participating in the EdgeWalk since you get to observe one of the world’s greatest views while standing on one of the modern wonders of the world.

Toronto is also home to several professional sports teams including the Raptors, Leafs, Blue Jays, and Toronto FC. By just taking either a bus or train, people from across the Greater Toronto Area have easy access to catch a game. After experiencing countless painful seasons of consistent loss and failing to qualify for the playoffs, Toronto’s teams have finally risen to the occasion and are sending an exciting vibe throughout the city, especially our beloved Raps who have been at the top of the league for two consecutive season. Whether it was Kyle Lowry’s half-court shot against Miami to send the game to overtime, Bismack Biyombo blocking a Lebron James attempt, Edwin Encarnacion’s walk-off home run, Bautista’s bat flip, or the young stars on the Leafs, there has been a rejuvenation of passion for sports across the city.

Lastly, Toronto was recently home to a giant, yellow rubber duck that stopped the city in its tracks, one of the biggest in the world sizing up at six stories high. Some people despised the idea since tax-payer money was used to spend over $100,000 on the duck. However, I was in favour of the attraction because along with generating over $4 million in revenue for various waterfront festivals, it brought the people of Toronto together in a patriotic and humorous way. People were eager to see what this duck was all about and snap pictures for Facebook and Instagram. I remember having breakfast while watching CP24 and a woman visiting from Poland claimed she traveled to Toronto to see what the excitement from the duck was all about. Sure it cost a lot of money, but if anything, it brought more people to Toronto to show the world what the city known as “the six” is all about.

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