The Rise of Social Media in the Business World

Written by: Michael Istiphan

Running a startup consulting organization involves making choices, seeking opportunities, and taking risks. In the business world today, it is becoming apparent that social media is playing a significant role in helping to promote company objectives and establishing connections. Devoting a minimal amount of time in your day writing a blog post, posting a picture on Instagram, or connecting with others on LinkedIn fuels your ability to share any ideas, content, and inspiration with others and ultimately let them know what your business is all about.

As the manager and founder of Henderson Pro-Bono, my agenda is filled with things to do every day, so it’s important for me to use my time effectively. Running a consulting agency means I must be able to quickly gather all the information needed from the company, develop a solution to their problems, and deliver a presentation in a minimal amount of time and details. The ability to quickly and effectively deliver information is powerful in a society that’s heavily invested in social media. With the use of online media, it can be creative and show off a bit of my personality.

As a young kid growing up in Mississauga, I always had a dream of working in Toronto in business. I would do research on what it takes to be successful, and was quite fond with the idea of working in the consulting field. Part of my research included viewing consulting agencies through social media; reading their blog posts, viewing pictures, and analyzing the content they shared with others. With the use of social media, it has allowed me to show potential customers what kind of person I am behind the brand. Yes, individuals buy products and services from others, so it’s critical to showcase your personality to show clients the kind of person they’re going to be dealing with.

Even though I just started up my own agency this summer, the learning curve has been on a never-ending rollercoaster. I constantly keep trying to adjust to various approaches and techniques in marketing my company including creating my own website, reaching out to potential clients on my behalf, and explaining to them who I am and why I’m interested in working with them, all while continuing to further expand and promote myself on social media. Social media and its impact is a whole new world that everyone should learn to keep up with.

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