Business Strategy

Given your business objective, we can help lay the groundwork on how to organically grow your organization.


Want to get your business known in today's competitive world? Given your organization's mission, we can offer creative content and potential means of brand development.

HR & Talent Acquisition

Having trouble attracting top talent? We can provide help in structuring a strong recruitment strategy for you and your business.

Social Media & Public Relations

Not sure about how to represent your business online, how often to post, or how to reach your audience? We've got you covered.

Sponsorship Acquisition

If you're an organization who runs off sponsorship, we can develop engaging sales pitches to help you raise corporate and citizen capital.

Quantitative Analysis

From sales projections to talent rewards, we can take a look at your business' numbers and suggest methods of increasing profitability and cutting expenses.

Project Timelines

The length of the consulting project will vary from customer to customer but will take on average between 2-3 weeks from initial phone call to final presentation. Analysis for Henderson Consulting projects will be conducted outside of regular working hours due to full-time summer commitments.


Additional Services

The above services are only some of the services offered by Henderson Consulting. Should your organization have any niche issues or specific areas we should focus on, please let us know during the initial phone call or email.


Feel free to contact me via email or phone to get started on your free consultancy services. If I'm unavailable, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.