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Written By: Michael Istiphan

When I was offered the role of Social Media Associate for Henderson Pro-Bono Consulting, I was excited for the opportunity, but mainly I was looking forward to putting my passion for business into the real world. Growing up with Mark throughout high school, we both worked a typical part time job at a local grocery store. Spending nearly four years there, working for minimum wage a few times per week, we discussed what our dream jobs were and how we’d achieve them. Some of them weren’t realistic, but others were possible, only if we worked hard and put our minds to it. One thing we both aspired to achieve was that one day where we could both work with one another in our respective business fields, and it finally came to fruition through a non-profit, start-up consulting agency.

Consulting involves working on team-oriented projects for clients; whether it involves financial issues, management issues, marketing issues, etc. The overall timeframe associated with working for a client can last a few days up to a few weeks. The reason why we target non-profit organizations is because they do not have the required resources for standard consulting, and by providing a free service to them, both of us receive the greatest benefit. In turn, the benefits our potential clients receive are identification of any opportunities to grow the business, increase profits, and boost efficiency.

As a consultant, it is critical to deliver the presentation in a constructive point of view, providing a fresh solution from another perspective. It takes a combination of diverse skills and traits to become a successful business consultant thus having a passion for the profession, an eye for excellence, and working well in a team is the formula to becoming a great consultant.

As young businessmen, the greatest benefit Mark and I receive is the experience of working with organizations and realizing how difficult a consultant’s job really is. Clients count on them to change the foundation of the business they’re running, which is a tall task at hand. So far, it’s been a fun ride with daily new challenges, and I’m looking forward to the bigger opportunities that will arise.

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