Young Adults and The Impact of Media

Written By: Michael Istiphan

Media today has a huge influence on young adults. Whether it’s from watching TV, browsing the internet, playing video games, or utilizing social networking apps, each one plays a dominant role in defining how young adults live their daily life. Many argue that media has a negative affect in impacting one’s life, but all is not bad, there are many positives. If media is used in the right manner, it could positively impact one’s life. I’ll go over a few positives and negative aspects of each.

If used the correct way, media (mainly social media apps) are extremely helpful in raising awareness about something or spreading news. Other than social apps, the TV, newspaper, and internet all play a dominant role in spreading important news happening around the world, informing teens that there is more to the world than what is happening in their favourite celebrity’s life.

Another positive impact the media has on teens is allowing them to expand themselves and what they are comfortable with. Take myself as a prime example; at the beginning of summer, I would have never considered myself or even be interested in writing my own blog posts, but when presented with the opportunity, I didn’t hesitate because I truly wanted to try something outside my comfort zone.

One major negative impacts media can have on young teenagers, which is quite common these days, is displaying a “perfect body image” such as those of celebrities which teenagers assume they have to become or they don’t look good at all. Many photos displayed on the internet or in the newspaper have been photoshopped, making the image look unusually perfect. It’s important to know that there is no perfect image of someone; we are all unique in our own way.

As a kid, I always enjoyed playing video games with my friends, mainly Call of Duty. My parents were sometimes hesitant in letting me play these “violent” games with due to the impact they thought it would have on me. The amount of violence in video games and movies today is scary. Young adults spend several hours a day watching scenes of gore, to a point where violence is sometimes seen as normal or acceptable. It is important to understand common boundaries and know when to avoid virtual behaviours in the real world.

It is important to understand that media will always exist and play a huge role in our society. We should know to take the positives from it and incorporate it in our daily life, and limit the amount of negative insights that the media might portray.

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